Dan Krochmal Shows Us “FOMO”

Singer/songwriter Dan Krochmal shows us his vibrant sound and lyrics full of depth and character on his single “FOMO” from the upcoming release Home & Holding. The Australian-born artist started his journey as an aspiring novelist before picking up a guitar and realizing his talent on stage. His experience and impressive vocal ability create an experience that captivates and rings true with the listener.

The song begins with an upbeat drum groove, the guitar balances the line between bright poppiness and moody melancholia. The vocals join in, falling into place with the instrumentals. The foundation of layered guitars over the drum beat serves to accentuate the melody, everything serves the song and leaves room to build up the emotion when he wants to.

“FOMO” is centered around its choruses as they soar with Dan Krochmal’s impressive vocal range. His lyrics have an impressive ability to convey difficult emotions both in an artful and accessible manner. The bridge refreshes the song, infusing it with more emotion and energy. Coming around again the chorus again, the end of the track arrives leaving the song feel like a finished story.

Dan Krochmal’s music has a broad appeal combined with emotional depth that follows in the footsteps of legends like Jeff Buckley. As a singer/songwriter he has a lot to offer for listeners, if you enjoyed “FOMO” check out some of Dan Krochmal’s other songs. His upcoming album Home & Holding is looking to be a strong release, keep up with Dan Krochmal to see what he has in store for the future.

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