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David Delmar

A common character trait in successful musicians is the ability to speak their mind even when it is not particularly easy.  This ties into having the strength to pursue a difficult career in music even when there will be many naysayers and situations that try to draw you away.  Our new find David Delmar chases true happiness with his music.

The singer-songwriter originally hails from Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Not really a great place for someone who likes to speak their mind.  These difficulties growing up for David Delmar became a great inspiration for his style of songwriting.  He ran into a lot of troubles and starting thinking that he just wasn’t good enough.  This downward trend needed to be stopped and Delmar decided it was up to him to right the ship to live life and fulfill his dreams.  

Some early musical influences were the pop of Michael Jackson and the jam of Phish.  This freedom of thought allowed David Delmar to pick up and move to Los Angeles to pursue more.  Aiming to please only himself, he developed a rock and pop style that leaned towards his new found stylistic piano improvisation.  

David Delmar Has Found His Happiness

Recently David released his EP Mystery Box.  It explores topics offering perspective in the age-old pursuit of happiness and living life on your own term.  



The lead single “Smile” sets the tone quickly.  The fast paced piano intro draws the listener in immediately to see where the song can take them.  The vocals are large yet seem to be speaking just to you and rooting you on to happiness.  There is a lot going on throughout the production and the full sonic landscape is filled with sound to envelop the listener.

Find more joy and music at: http://www.daviddelmar.com/

You can preview and download the song HERE

Happiness in music

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