Timothy Ross- Independents Leading The New Wave

Timothy Ross

With the fall of the Major Label controlled music industry, many innovative independents have stepped in to bring much more content to the huge audience hungry for something fresh and new.  Luckily it has become easier to get all the music, video, and art out there nowadays.  We recently came across World’s Most Awkward and their lead talent, Timothy Ross that are doing just that.

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, World’s Most Awkward is a creative label focusing mostly on Hip-Hop, R&B, and Alternative music, but in the future, the plan is to branch into much more, including, short films, graphic design, non-genre-specific music and whatever else the fans call for.  

The launching point for the independent label is 20-year-old Hip-Hop artist Timothy Ross.  He prides himself in his honesty through his versatile conscious rap songs.  The lyrical flow he provides is serious.  To improve his versatility, Timothy Ross also studies film in hopes to become a double threat in both the film and music industry.  This has become more and more important as the worlds collide.  

Recently Ross released his The Crown EP to expose his style to the masses.  The lead single “A Dime, A Dozen” sets the tone right away.  It explodes with a stripped down vocal that shows the talent in the songwriting of Timothy Ross.  He says “This song is kind of a commentary on recent events that have been transpiring in my life.  About how things can sound positive but really be negative, or how things can quickly transition from positive to negative.” Well things are looking up here.

Timothy Ross is NOT A Dime A Dozen


Bluntedvibez was brought in to produce as was Gully for the final mixing.  The beat stays low key but will get the head of the listener bopping along right quick.  Different styles are elegantly blended together to demand multiple listens to take in all the elements and explore the thoughtful lyrics contained within.

Keep up with more at: http://www.mostawkward.ca/

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