“Priestess” by Derek Goodreid just may put a spell on you

Derek Goodreid

There’s a certain amount of inspiration that can be felt when you see other people achieving their dreams despite obstacles that have been placed in their way.

Australian singer-songwriter Derek Goodreid is now located in Norway, and moving there was most certainly an obstacle that needed to be faced. Along with that, he was told that he was tone-deaf when he was only 13 years old. Needless to say, being able to come this far and make music is an exceptional feat.

Derek Goodreid Defies the Odds

His latest single, “Priestess,” is a very raw punk track that has just the right amount of angst in the vocals. There’s a hint of raspiness to his voice so it adds to the tempo of the song. The vocals kick off the song right away, and there seems to be a hint of an indie vibe as it begins, but it soon turns into a true rock sound. The guitar is an extremely prominent factor, and blends in quite well with the vocals.

Just when you think he has settled down and there’s a certain sound of calmness to his voice, the guitar picks up and the anger and angst returns to his voice. It really makes you feel like you’re on a roller coaster, and with the song being about loving someone, I’d say it’s quite fitting. This song seems as though it would best be played in a country rock bar, the sound spilling out of an old jukebox. There’s a very authentic rock sound with this one, and it leans more toward the deeper end of the punk spectrum.

Although the track is less than 2 minutes long, there is so much emotion packed into it that you don’t feel like you’re missing out on anything in terms of the length. It’s enough to really get you into the track without leaving you feeling like it was too repetitive. I expect to hear more from Derek Goodreid, and hey maybe if you happen to be in a small town bar in the future, you just might hear his voice coming through the jukebox speakers.

Check out “Priestess,” and more of Derek Goodreid’s music, over on SoundCloud today.

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