Jreasn – Determination To Connect


For an artist to achieve any kind of success they must pour everything they have into their music.  This type of dedication is rare but necessary especially in the genre of hip hop.  One example of such a hard worker is recent discovery Jreasn.

The artist hailing from Buffalo, New York is a driven, passionate and charismatic talent with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop.  The music of Jreasn truly aims to connect with the listener through the use of powerful hooks, trap-infused beats and a thought-provoking lyrical flow.  The influences of such hip hop luminaries such as Nas, J Dilla, and Shad can be heard.  

The fans have been connecting with Jreasn due to his relatable lyrics and laid back, down to earth style.  There is a piece of himself that he puts into every song.  The tenacious struggle, unyielding drive, and passion to persevere come through in his experimental yet fluid flow.  

More Blood And Sweat From Jreasn

Currently, he is hard at work preparing his second release ‘The Love Hate’, a follow-up to his thought-provoking first EP, ‘The Reasoning’.

The strong single “Lead The Way” is setting the tone for the record.  The minimal and atmospheric sounds allow the catchy hooks to shine through and grab the attention of the listener.  The lyrical delivery bounces from deep to high to keep you guessing where Jreasn will go next.  Keep an eye and ear out for more at: http://www.jreasn.com/

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