The Dollyrots Release “Explosive” New Album

Pop punk band The Dollyrots have just released a new album titled “Daydream Explosion.” Filled with an upbeat tempo and so much flavor, The Dollyrots are capturing the hearts (and ears) of many with their new tracks. “Daydream Explosion” has rightfully debuted on three billboard charts; #7 on Heatseekers, #3 on Independent Albums and #98 on top album sales. Each track on the album is full of character, each playing into the pop punk rock fusion that is iconic to The Dollyrots. The duo is comprised of Kelly Ogden and Luis Cabezas’. 

Beginning with 2018 singles Get Radical and Everything, the duo has released “Daydream Explosion” with Wicked Cool Records/The Orchard. The color scheme for their artwork as well as their music videos tie together seamlessly with the music to create a very cohesive band image. Artists are viewed not only for their music, but for everything they choose to put out to the world, so having a strong artist image like The Dollyrots have is what sets them apart from other artists. The couple have a unique experience working together as musicians as well as being parents. While on their way home to their kids, they were in a car accident and needed X-rays. One of the images got a lot of attention on social media, which lead to them choosing to use it on their album cover. 

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“Daydream Explosion” was created with John Fields, who is known for working with Jimmy Eat World and All Time Low. If you’re as hooked on these new tracks as we are, be sure to check out their official website for their music and artwork. You can find their music on Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud. Be sure to also keep up with them Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you live on the East Coast, you can see them on tour in any of the following cities with The Pink Spiders opening!

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