Echoglass opens up Their ‘Little House’ To Us


There is nothing that makes us at Indie Band Guru happier than seeing a band we have covered in the past come back with fresh new music. The music industry can wear out many artists and staying power is tough. Our friends from Echoglass are back with some new music and a new music video.

Based in the northwest of England since 2016, Echoglass is currently made up of D.A. McKenna and Fritz. We had a chance to interview the band and cover their song “Last To Know” HERE. They continue to make music that feels right to them without being stuck in any one genre or style. And it works

The newest single by Echoglass is the touching “Little House” complete with an animated music video that adds to the vibe. The mellow vocal-focused track pours emotion into the speakers for the listener to try and take it all in. Some fancy guitar playing keeps within this tone to add even more feeling. The video with its perfectly paired imagery takes this to a higher level to truly connect the song to the feelings of anyone listening.

Keep up with what comes next for Echoglass on their INSTAGRAM.

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