FAERS Asks In Their New Single ‘Are We The Last Of Our Kind?’


The London-based 5-piece named FAERS is going on their second year together. They just released their newest single, Last Of Our Kind. The track is chill and trendy and similar to a contemporary version of a Joy Divisions tune.

Together, lead vocalist Steven Anderson Howard along with band members Morgan Rees, Ryan Faers, Sam Rawlings, and Alex Crowley have created a track with seriously serene psychedelic vibes. Soft rock vocals and percussion and indie alternative bells and guitar, make Last Of Our Kind a must-listen.

Last Of Our Kind was written by the group during a songwriting retreat to the welsh countryside. The cool, relaxing intro and relatably solemn lyrics were a nod to FAERS’ childhood heroes, The Maccabees.

FAERS Asks: Are We The Last Of Our Kind?

The lyrics to Last Of Our Kind are vast.

“Our love was better than anything.

can you hear me out there?

Am I lost in my mind?

Is anybody out there?

Are we the last of our kind?”

These lyrics are thought-provoking, monumental, and sincere. They really question “love” in today’s society. The lyrics represent the times after a difficult breakup. The times when we do seem to be lost in our own minds, seemingly alone and caught up in our own thoughts. The members of FAERS instantly clicked with each other when they first began, leading them to create such a mature track in such a short amount of time.

The group first met at a nightclub during indie night in 2015. The members quickly formed FAERS and they released an EP, “WAVES,” later that year in October. Since then, FAERS has been pretty busy. The group has sold out Barfly, The Borderline, and single launches at The Water Rats and The Lexington, alongside appearances at the Y Not, Penn and Camden Rocks festivals. Their musical database is constantly growing, but not as quickly as their fan base.

The members of FAERS perform amazingly together, wonderfully representing their effortless compatibility and visceral songwriting. This band30 is an inspiration to aspiring songwriters and garage bands that they can only go up from here.

Catch FAERS on tour this fall and connect with them via social media:





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