Meet the Funky New Single “Borrowed Words” from Luna Blue

Luna Blue Borrowed Words

The latest funk-infused single to hit your ears has to be “Borrowed Words” by the United Kingdom based group Luna Blue. The indie-rock-pop four piece exhibits the band’s funk-rock best with a driving, upbeat instrumentation and soaring vocals.

Focusing on the intriguing topic of saying or doing something in order to please someone else and fill another fantasy, it shows how you are borrowing words in these situations. It’s easy to not think for yourself in today’s society, borrowing words from others to please whatever situation you’re in.

Right away the vocals from Tom High, who also plays rhythm guitar, are blasted over the rest of the track. “Eyes, Fantasise / What it’s about,” High sings out over the haste of the guitar. His voice floats over the track in an interesting and unique way, unlike most funk. The smoothness High’s vocals have create a distance from the instruments on the track.

Ryan Wellman shreds it out on lead guitar and provides backing vocals. His ability on “Borrowed Words” to keep up with the fast nature of the track is astounding. Funk guitar is a lot of fast chord changes and he does nothing but keep up. Wellman also sets the grove in solo sections with a funk driven solo with a rock edge.

Keeping the bass groove alive is Nick Davie, who also provides backing vocals. It’s hard to not pay attention to the thumping bass behind all the perfectly placed instrumental chaos. Seb Bowen keeps the beat with his epic drum skills. The way he rides the cymbals will make anyone a percussion lover.

Luna Blue is crushing indie-rock and indie-pop with the funk-driven track “Borrowed Words”.

Music provides such an inviting space for creativity, allowing anyone to draw inspiration from anywhere. Life changing events create such a personal space for listeners to understand and relate to those emotions. For Luna Blue, a drunk-driver tragedy was the inciting event for the emotional EP Nightjar.

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