“Fields” Released Ahead of Spirit Award Debut Album

Spirit Award Fields

You’d think a track recorded with Jack Endino, who worked with Nirvana, wouldn’t be as bubbly as the latest from Spirit Award.

“Fields” is the latest from the Seattle three-piece Spirit Award. The song features a fuzzy, bubbly pop track that is embedded with synthesizers and dazzling drum beats. Wrapped into a transcendental atmosphere that beautifully transcendental, “Fields” only heightened in its airy presence.

Spirit Award admits that “Fields” was the last song they wrote for Neverending. It was pretty barebones originally too with just bass and drums. This left a ton of room open for the group and Jack Endino, Eric Corson and GG Reynolds to experiment with the sound. After adding in what seems to be the perfect amount of synth, “Fields” was ready for listeners.

The track explores how we often think we have our lives figured out, and then something turns your whole world on your head. A common part of life no matter your age. It’s easy to hear the contrast of pensive lyrics against a wondering ambience on “Fields”.

“It’s a plea to not be distracted by all the flashy sh** and people faking that they have a perfect life, and just find things/people that are honest, genuine and bring you and others joy.”

Like most artists, Spirit Award look at life events to craft their music. The three-piece credits the death of a family member, anxiety, a robbery and the end of a relations for bringing the record together. After working tirelessly on the album for two years, it garnered the name Neverending.

Neverending is Spirit Awards full length debut that houses momentum and starkness. Pushing out ten songs all with staggered bright darkness and a massive sound, there seems to be no calculable formula to their sound. From guitars puncturing out from the bass and drum foundation to vocal sections dipped in effects that shape them more like an instrument to bass being the leading instrument, Neverending is sure to please listeners from start to finish.

“Fields” is latest release off the upcoming album Neverending from Spirit Award, out October 6.