Fran Minney

Since 2015 Fran Minney has been wowing audiences with her mesmerising and emotive vocal presence. Not only that, but her lyrical style has been catching people’s attention, especially with her EP’s Leaving Our Bodies and The Chase. This winning combination is at its best during the songs “Awake” and “Blind”.

Minney took a step back from releasing new material to focus on her Master’s degree in Music. But, she has now returned with her single “Tracks”. Talking about her return, she says “I took some time away from releasing music to complete my Masters at Leeds College of Music. I wanted to focus on songwriting and developing my sound. I feel so lucky to have been able to dedicate myself to this exploration. I’m so proud of what I have created and excited to be releasing music again. Reflecting on my journey so far led me to write this song about my hometown. To celebrate where I started and what has shaped me up to this point”.

As “Tracks” begins, you can hear how her ever-present synth undertone has stepped into the spotlight to become a stronger element within her music. It is used to create a captivating atmosphere for Minney’s vocals to join in. When they do, her beautiful tone shares the lines “If you want to know me ask these fields / Where every blade of grass has acted like a shield / Holding memories of mine / Now I’m inviting you inside to”.

When it comes to the music created by Minney, it is her voice that always seems to steal the show. “Tracks” is yet another release which copies this trend as her effortless tone floats along to grab the listener’s attention. As this release comes to a close, this talent shines brighter during the final verse. The emotion within her delivery for the lines “Take a seat upon the hill / Hold yourself against the chill / Above the city that raised me / In these fields where I ran free” is a perfect example of why people need to listen to her songs.

‘Tracks’ is yet another great showing of Fran Minney’s stunning vocal presence

Fran Minney has found her groove and “Tracks” will be the first of many more releases. As well as new material, she is busy releasing cover songs via her social media sites and YouTube channel.

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