Fred Argir Releases ‘Despair & Ecstasy’

Fred Argir is bringing back guitar-based rock music for the current generation. His own brand of indie-rock has been making waves with his storied history in writing and recording music as a part of the Minneapolis scene. The DIY approach he takes on his music is reflective of his experience and mastery of the craft.

His newest project Despair & Ecstasy is the eighth album of his career, and looking to be his biggest yet. Fred Argir adopts an array of influences on this indie-rock record. As a result of performing all the functions of writing and recording his music, Argir has full stylistic control to craft his songs. He is a master at creating an immersive atmosphere while his guitarwork makes it come alive.

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“Jumper” is a strong track to lead the album with. The beat features some hip-hop stylings, while Argir’s vocals are dramatic and carry weight. The song takes a turn in the latter half, picking up the pace of the beat and showcasing a searing guitar solo.

Watch the Video for “Jumper” Here

The track “Float Away” is an intoxicating song, with the hypnotizing oohs and aahs of the accompanying background vocals. Argir creates a dense atmosphere with instrumentals layering on top of each other, all inlaid with his signature groovy guitar playing.

“The Misunderstood” has a smooth drum and bass groove, accompanied by an ethereal pair of keys and background vocals. The vibe carries through the track, as Argir’s guitar cuts through the atmosphere and defines the angsty energy.

Songs like “Strangers” and “Bloodlines” show off an interesting aspect on Despair & Ecstasy. Both feature a danceable beat that creates an interesting texture, showing off some of the pop leaning versatility on this album. One could imagine Argir’s guitar tearing up the dancefloor, and stealing the show at a club when listening to these songs.

“Leaving A Trace” prepares us for the end of the album with a dynamic track full of many sounds. Percussion, piano, and acoustic guitar, all come together to support Argir’s frenzied guitar playing. The album ends off with “Triage,” an almost ten minute long journey through the sound of Fred Argir. A self-indulgent dive into hypnotic chaos.

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