Further North Are Flying ‘Under The Clouds’

Further North

Last year saw Steve Stanley (bass, lead vocals), John-Marc Stanley (guitar, vocals), Chris Jacobs (guitar), Chris “Timmy” Compton (keys), and Joe Westbrook (drums) come together to assemble the band Further North. They wanted to create a sound which they describe as “what happens when your mp3 player gets stuck on the 90’s and 2000’s emo with the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Andrew McMahon”. It didn’t take them long before they released the singles “Live to Love”, “Now or Never”, and “This Dissonance”.

The new year sees the guys release their debut EP Under the Clouds. It opens up with “Live to Love” which delivers an infectious sound helped along with killer hooks. It does not take long before you are singing along with the lines “So I’ll live to love the chance to breathe is here / I’ll savor every day / So the sun is shining, birds are singing / Why can’t I do the same”.

Things slow down a little with “Taking You With Me” which again highlights their way with words. It’s opening lines show an added depth with “I think I’m sinking deep within / And here I’m hiding from my friends / Cause I can’t cope, with what’s happening”. Following on is “Face the Facts” that includes more of that infectious alternative rock sound.

“Now or Never” instantly grabs the listeners attention with its relentless energy. It is a rollercoaster of a track which has you singing along to the lines “The time is now or never / Darkness wishes to sever all the life I live / Is sinking through a sieve  / The time is now or never / Please just don’t pull the lever, all the life you give / Is sinking through a sieve”. Midway through they slow things down, but this is the calm before the storm. The outro sees the band releases a ferocious rock sound. A direction that should be explored more with future releases.

‘Under the Clouds’ show that Further North are one to watch

“This Dissonance” sees the bands change the pace with an acoustic driven track. This gives Steve the opportunity to showcase a delicate and emotional tone that shines during the chorus “It feels like I’m falling away / It feels like I’m losing today / It feels like I’m gone / And you left me alone”. Add to this great use of various stringed instruments and the result is the must-hear moment from the EP.

Closing off the EP is “Shine It On Me”. This is a perfect example of what Further North is all about. It is all about having a good time and singing along with their infectious hooks. They have certainly learned from their heroes to create something which embodies what music with fun energy is all about.

Further North might not have been together that long, but they all seem to have the same goal. They have created something that has a mix of emotions but still manages to make the listener feel good. As a result, Under The Clouds is an impressive collection of songs that will capture a lot of people’s attention.

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