GoodcaT Bring The Soul With “Get It” From New Album


I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Indie music may just be my favorite genre. I haven’t been able to find many other genres that really capture my attention the way that Indie does, and hold my attention at that. That being said, I have to introduce you to a very unique Indie group, GoodcaT. This Des Moines based group that was formed back in 2012 consists of four talented guys has released a live video for their track “Get It,” and it really does grab your attention.

There’s something so unique about this that I really don’t know how to begin to describe it. There’s a sense of country within the track, which only appears for a short amount of time. The rest sounds a bit like some New Orleans modern jazz mixed with that Indie sound I was describing earlier. The vocals have a bit of a classic sound to them, yet with a much more modern twist.

Soulful Sounds Headed Your Way With “Get It”

The instruments that are a big focal point for this track, and the bass really stands out. The heavy bass sound brings that slight modern jazz twist to the track overall, really separating it from the other music you’ll hear these days. There’s so much soul within not only the instruments, but the vocals as well, and it’ll really leave you wanting more. Their new album To Eternity is due out this month, and that will really satisfy your fix for some funky soul music.

All that being said, it really is something that is able to stand out from the rest, which will definitely keep you singing this one over and over again. For more from GoodcaT, you can head on over to the groups Facebook.

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