Goodnite Robicheaux Release Their Mixtape ‘Slaps For The Broken’

Goodnite Robicheaux

The duo of Goodnite Robicheaux is back with their latest mixtape, Slaps for the Broken. Justin MacDonald (multi-instrumentalist) and Jamison Mode (vocalist) have been busy working on new material to follow up their outstanding album The Green Line. They offered a glimpse of what was to come with their single “Trexy”, delivering a smooth R&B jam in which Mode’s vocals flowed so effortlessly. MacDonald also lets his guitar skills shine, especially with a killer solo. Now the guys have unleashed their three-track mixtape Slaps for the Broken. It is a collection of songs that highlights how their songwriting and production skills have grown.

Goodnite Robicheaux starts off the mixtape with “Mickey”. After a short audio clip, they set the mood with the gentle use of the keys. Mode then joins in with the lines, “Tonight, I saw a change / The look in your eyes.” As the lyrics continue, sci-fi fans will notice it is a song about Mickey from Doctor Who. A tale perfectly summarized by the line “The Doctor came, blew up my spot and took my girl”.

Even though it is a song influenced by pop culture, it is a story about losing someone special to somebody else. The front end expresses the pain of Mickey losing Rose, with Modes vocals in fine form. But the mood changes after an epic guitar solo from MacDonald. When the line “She believed in all his lines and now they runnin” is delivered, it adds a fighting tone to the song, which elevates the story before it comes to a close. As always, it highlights the depth of their songwriting talents.

You can listen to Slaps for the Broken below

Next up is a “B.I.T.S (Be In The Scene).” As the title implies, it is about someone wanting to be in the scene. It slowly builds up, setting the stage described with the lines “We got this young man / Ain’t bein raised right / Son like father got dreams of the limelight.” As much as the song may not have the depth in words as the opening track, this one is about the delivery. They mix up the lyrical flow to add more to its sound instead of their words. 

Bringing the mixtape to a close is “Weapon X”. Here is another song soaked with pop culture references to Marvels X-Men. From the opening lines, it is clear to hear with “Well it’s the Night of the Sentinels now run and hide (run and hide) / We’re Professor X, Jean Grey gonna blow your mind (blow your mind).” On the surface, it plays out like a comic book. However, there is another underlining message to be found. Personally, the X-Men references are a distraction, but it is no criticism. This one could be used as a doorway for new listeners to come into their music.

Goodnite Robicheaux show the next stage in their musical evolution with their mixtape Slaps for the Broken

Slaps for the Broken offers another side to what Mode and MacDonald have to offer with their music. As previously shown, their songwriting talents shine yet again. What has changed in their sound and its arrangement. With this release, it seemed more focused. It is a change that still works for them as it let the listener appreciate the vocals and lyrics more. Personally, it feels as if this mixtape is leading up to something bigger. What that is, time will tell. As Goodnite Robicheaux love what they do, they won’t keep us waiting long for new music.

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