Get The Look: How To Style Your Band For Success


Fashion and music go hand in hand, and since the advent of the music video, having a good sense of style has become a must for most musicians. Even indie artists and budding musicians now know the importance of being consistent with one’s image as stylists have become an essential part of the entourage of today’s artists. Whitney Middleton, a stylist who works with Francis And The Lights and Chance The Rapper, told The Grammy’s official website that artists who want to make it in the industry need to up their style game.


“Wardrobe is not an afterthought—it visually and physically becomes a part of the artist,” said the stylist. This is why if you want your band to get noticed, you need to make a positive style statement with your sartorial choices. Here’s how to style your indie rock band for success.


Go With A Unified Look

There’s no reason to wear matching clothes when performing as a band. However, you’ll need to have a unified look whenever you go onstage—this sends a clear message that you’re a team and having cohesiveness in a band, music-wise and style-wise, is always a positive thing. Agree on having one common theme for your outfits, so if two members are going for a slick, modern gentleman look, then everyone else should sport dapper threads as well. It’s easy to get a unified look if you shop for outfits from the same store or brand, so on days when you’re not rehearsing, try to go window shopping together and plan all the coordinated looks that you can come up with for future performances.


Have each band member sport a signature accessory

While a coordinated look is a must for indie rock bands, it’s also important to show fans that each member has an individual sense of style. To do this, each one can sport a signature accessory. Think about how Bono’s glasses or Axl Rose’s bandanna give these artists a distinctive look. One of your band members—perhaps the one with the most adventurous sense of style—can try wearing a thigh leg leather harness over faded jeans in every performance, while another band member can sport a leather cap. Wear these accessories consistently and make them your signature.


Don’t underestimate the power of good grooming

The messy bedhead look may look attractive on you, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend more effort on your appearance, especially for special performances. The right hairstyle can give your band even more flair as a unit when you’re onstage. Experiment with hairstyles and opt for a well-groomed yet modern look. The messy rocker look may have worked for Nirvana, but right now, it’s all about looking dapper, neat, and interesting. Tame hair with a bit of product, groom facial hair to show off your features, and make sure that your shoes are clean and in good condition—you’re now good to go!


Having a signature look as a band is easy once you’ve mastered how to style yourselves as a unit without losing your individuality. Try these tips before your next gig and get ready to wow your audience with your fashion and music.



   -written by Sally Writes

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