Ilton Shows Us What’s “Good and Gone”


Immigrating from Greece with his family at a young age, up-and-coming artist Ilton, recently released his debut EP titled Good and Gone. This two-track EP presents the listener with circling pop melodies and the creative use of synths to get a sound that’s unique to Ilton himself.

After leaving his home and relocating to a foreign land, Ilton felt out of place and like he didn’t belong. Finding a safe space and solace within the night community of Brooklyn, he began writing and producing for other artists. It wasn’t until 2018 that this Greek creative came together with Unisex Records and found his place creating music for himself as a solo artist. After the release of his debut single, “Going Up,” Ilton quickly earned himself an underground following, which has allowed him to play venues all over New York.

His debut EP, Good and Gone, dropped on August 16th and tells the story of Ilton’s journey as he discovers himself, not only as a musician but as an individual as well. The title track opens the EP and is very reminiscent of Australian pop musician, Troye Sivan. Telling the story of breaking away from one’s past while not losing yourself, it operates as a fun anthem that could definitely find a place within a dance club playlist. The only other track on the album, “Closer,” is bringing us all the 80’s vibes. Telling a well-known tale of wanting to reach success, this upbeat piece faces that desire, despite any sense of self-doubt or fears that may present themselves.

Using pop melodies to tell complex stories, Ilton’s debut leave its listener excited for the future of this creative mind.

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