Jaxony Reign Is Tantalizing With A “Capital T”

Jaxony Reign is going to be the next thing that takes over indie radio. This emerging Canadian singer/songwriter is showing off what she’s made of with her debut single “Capital T.” “Capital T” is addictive and wholly satisfying with it’s mature, indie-pop spin on a traditional bubblegum pop sound. One listen through turned me into an instant Jaxony Reign fan.

When Jaxony set out to embark on music she made one thing clear, she wanted to put her own, out-of-the-box spin on pop music. She doesn’t conform to any one thing that pop music should be and that allows her the flexibility to use different methods to convey the tone of the song. “Capital T” has elements of 50’s doo wap music, playing to this sense of youthful innocence.

That effervescence plays through in the lyrics to the track as well. All about falling for the bad boy. There’s a never-ending battle between knowing it’s wrong but wanting to do it anyway, and Jaxony depicts that struggle perfectly in “Capital T.”

“Oooooo – I’m flirtin’ with the devil. Oooooo – you’re the baddest thing I’ve seen. Oooooo – it’s all gettin’ out of hand and…I’m in trouble with a Capital …Capital T”

“Capital T” is catchy, relatable, and unique, making it a home-run debut release. Her twist on indie-pop makes this single an exceptional stand-out. If this is what Jaxony is bringing to the table as she just begins on her journey in music, I can’t imagine what I’ll be hearing from her on the national radio circuits in two years.

Be sure to keep up with Jaxony Reign’s journey. I can assure you that you won’t want to miss it.

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