Angelic Sounding Julie Bryne releases “I Live Now As A Singer”

Gearing up for the release of her sophomore album, Julie Bryne releases “I Live Now As A Singer”.

The simple synthy song is the closer to Not Even Happiness, Bryne’s upcoming album, set to release 1/27.

Bryne has a very raspy yet angelic voice fits perfectly over “I Live Now As A Singer”’. It’s very simple and calm, featuring only synth, strings, and Bryne on the track. The simple yet engaging single closes out Bryne’s Not Even Happiness.

The New York-based singer-songwriter created a track that makes what staring up at space feels like, an audible reality. The synth driven track is a great decision by Bryne to end the album; it’s a contrast to her unusual guitar tunings and finger picked melodies.

“I Live Now As A Singer” starts off with with a few seconds of drawn out synth chords before Bryne’s voice gracefully begins to float over the track. The majority of the song, fits this description, however it draws you in due to its simplicity.

A very gentle string and upper-woodwind section enters about halfway through the track, adding a small, yet powerful touch.

The simplicity of the song adds a wonderful touch to Not Even Happiness, and it a great choice to close out the album.

The tacks on Not Even Happiness are inspired by different places around the US.

“Whether witnessing the Pacific Northwest for the first time (‘Melting Grid’), the morning sky in the mountains of Boulder (‘Natural Blue’), or a journey fragrant with rose water; reading Frank O’Hara aloud from the passengers seat during a drive through the Utah desert into the rain forest of Washington State (‘The Sea As It Glides’), Not Even Happiness is Julie’s beguilingly ode to the fringes of life.”
As mentioned, Bryne’s album is being released 1/27. Bryne is celebrating the release with a Record Release show that day in Brooklyn, NY at Rough Trade NYC. Bryne also will be performing 2/25 at Philadelphia at PhilaMOCA.

Be sure to keep with Bryne’s album and tour updates on her website.

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