Tribe Society Provides An Enchanting Listening Experience

Tribe Society

If there’s one thing that really catches my attention, it’s an enticing beat. Lyrics are a very important aspect to every song, but the beat is really what brings you in and makes you drift away into a trance-like state. The new track from Tribe Society, “Smoke out the Window” is one of those tracks that manages to really master a kick ass beat.

Starting off, you hear the hip hop tempo and expect this to be a straight rap song, but the melodic lyrics really put a twist on the whole thing and seem to draw you in even more and keep your head nodding. The perfect track to listen to on a warm night on a long drive, it really makes you appreciate everything around you.

The 4 piece collective from Washington Heights, New York consists of Seth, Gavin, Brad, and Phil. Together they bring this innovative style to the masses that is sure to get some attention.  As Tribe Society puts it “we are bringing you some sour in a world of sweet.”

Tribe Society Brings Serious Melodic Hip-Hop

The lyrics themselves perfectly depict a night drive as he melodically sings “I’m blowing smoke out the window, I’m letting everything go.” The hypnotizing tempo to the track stays true throughout, and it’s easy to lose yourself while listening to this one. If this track is any indication just what Tribe Society can do, it makes me very eager to hear some more.

You can listen to “Smoke out the Window” over on SoundCloud.

Keep an eye out for their new record We Sell Drugs due out on March 3rd.

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