Pigeons Playing Ping Pong New Album, “Pizazz”


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is a funk-rock band out of Baltimore, MD with a hot new album headed your way. They’re a 4-man ensemble, each with their own notable contributions to the band’s success. Scrambled Greg works as lead vocalist, Jeremy on the acoustic guitar, Ben on bass and Gator on drums.

Together, these guys are able to put together some truly amazing music. It’s as if they found the psychedelic rock of the early 70’s and the funk of the early 80’s and chose to stand proudly on the bridge between them. Pizazz is set to be their best project yet – and that’s saying a lot for a band like Pigeons. They’ve got three other projects available on their page and I’d definitely suggest taking a look.


Pigeons: Pushing Their Limit

Collectively, Pigeons take a passionately playful approach to their music, channeling their good-humored spirits into each and every song. Sifting through their first project, Funk EP, is like running your fingers through an open treasure chest. Every piece stands as its own golden artifact, worthy of meticulous appreciation and marvel.

Take for example, “French Café”. Without a single word, Pidgeons maintains a staunch simplicity in sound, whilst still utilizing a few low-riding bass-synths.

Then on their 2014 album, Psychology, they take us on a psychedelic adventure, all the while showing us all they’ve got to offer — they are very impressive. On songs like “White Night”, Pigeons step into a rather classical funk role – and play it perfectly. The synchronization between vocals and instrumentation is spot on, and it’s clear that their chemistry is a catalyst for their creativity.

Pigeons also released an album in 2015 called Pleasure, and it’s some of their best work to date. Check out their intro track, “Live It Up”.


All in all, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is an excellent example of the unbridled creativity sitting anxiously at rest in the minds of many independent artists.

You can take a look at their Pledgemusic campaign page too! It’ll give you a taste of their individual personalities and their genuine love for what they do. Find them HERE

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