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Hefe Heetroc

BIO: Hefe Heetroc’s musical prowess was a fait accompli long before he picked up a microphone. With the resurgence of 90’s influenced rap, his single Shr00mz is obviously influenced by the slew of underground Hip-Hop heads that have preceded it in its creation: Sterile Cloudrap beats soaked in a grungy trip hop sonic stew; all while dirty synths belch their menacing rasp. It’s very hard to boil down, or rather pin down, a definitive style or genre that Shr00mz as a single is. What we do have here is an L.A.-disenfranchised stoner, a mutant rap gumbo of different styles, fused together

Where did you get the name Hefe Heetroc?

The name got its origins from me and a friend in Los Angeles staying up all night drinking & partying, out of my drunken stupor, I said Hefe Heetroc, My friend spoke Spanish, fluently, He goes that’s fucking dope!
We had been bantering back at forth all night, as to what would be a dope emcee name, also I made sure to Google it before using it to confirm it was indeed not taken or used.

How did the project form?

Well “Shr00mz” is a true multi-coastal song, the song itself was recorded at Kn0-Th30RY WRECK0RDS Studios
in my hometown of Rochester, New York, as for the video, I flew out to Los Angeles and it was filmed in Compton.  The song “Shr00mz” is from my album “Inoculare: Intersecting Dimensions”.  As to how it formed, really just partying and deep discussions with various women, about Space, Time Travel, Aliens, just weird introverted trippy topics.

How would you describe your sound?

Some might say it’s the quintessential classic stoner music sound, with vaporwave elements, with ghost rap on top for good measure, but I try not to pigeonhole my music as anything other than “dope music”

Who are your influences?

Loose Logic, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Earl Sweatshirt, Flatbush Zombies, The Underachievers, and Big L

What is your songwriting process like?

Starts off as a stream of consciousness via poetry and/or story, that’s the phase one, phase two, I make the beat in Cubase on GURU, Then I retrofit, shape, and change my lyrics to go with the beat I’ve created.  The 3rd phase is recording, some lyrics have to be changed at this phase to fit on top of the beat

What’s next for Hefe Heetroc?

My next album “Blind Allegiance” Drops 4th quarter of 2017; my new mixtape titled “The Shadow Cabal of the 8 Oligarchs” drops 2nd quarter of 2018

What advice would you give to other artists on the rise?

Don’t let others who’s dreams have long since vanished, tell you what you can or can’t do, if you have a dream, go for it! Get a little studio together, write some tunes, promote yourself, and have fun, that’s what music is all about man!

Hefe Heetroc keeps active on TWITTER. Follow him to be part of the party.

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