Singer-Songwriter Natalie Lain Debuts First EP

Natalie Lain

Natalie Lain is fiercely creative, injecting art into everything she does. The singer-songwriter’s self-titled EP showcases her diverse influences with varied arrangements and instrumentation on four fresh tracks.

Inspired by Patti Smith, Lain follows an organic songwriting process beginning with lines of original poetry, and introducing chords and melodies to evolve her written words into songs. Musically, I think of her as a Lorde Lite; her song arrangements break away from traditional pop music, but her higher pitched tone lends a more playful feel.

Natalie Lain Demonstrates Her Depth

I was instantly drawn to the eclectic vibe of the opening track, “Bruises.” It’s a song that kind of resists categorization, beginning with catchy, hand-plucked acoustic guitar strums and maraca shakes that quickly transpire into twangy Kill Bill-sounding chords. Lain’s warm voice pours over the chorus and chants an inner monologue I often have with myself, “You’re gettin’ too old to stay up late.”

She slows down the tempo and injects a heavier pulse of bass on the second track, “Bloodshot Eyes.” For me, her sultry vocal fluctuations to open the song are evocative of Lana Del Rey’s “Million Dollar Man.”

As the album continues, it becomes progressively poppy. “Murder Is Forever” thumps to more upbeat percussion and wobbling guitar chords in the back of each verse, while the closing track, “No Turning Back,” features rhythmic chants and claps.

Her layered vocals during the bridge of the last song close out the album with a hopeful message of growth: “Back then we swore we’d never see the sun / Wanted to end things before they’d begun / Last night I woke up in my sleep / After all this time, I’ve been set free.”

An artist of many forms, Natalie is including a songbook full of original paintings and other pieces along with the hard copy CD sales. Her next project is to record a full-length album while continuing to unearth and refine her artistic style. You can learn more about Natalie Lain on her Facebook page and stream the full album on Bandcamp.

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