Juvahn Victoria – Sultry Songwriter Wants You To “Love Me”

Juvahn Victoria

It is a fact that our first influences in music will come from our parents.  The music we hear as children will form the basis for what we choose to create later in life.  Luckily there was so much great music available years ago.  (I am scared for the next generation with what is on mainstream radio today).  Our recent find Juvahn Victoria was lucky enough to hear influential styles in her youth.

The singer and songwriter hails from Sydney, Australia.  While growing up, Juvahn Victoria was heavily influenced by her mother’s love of motown, soul and jazz music.  These genres became the foundation of Juvahn’s original style that is anchored in alternative R&B and Soul with the vocal sense of classic singers.  She began her performance journey at Jazz clubs and Speakeasy venues in Australia singing cover songs.  In 2014, Juvahn turned to creating her own original voice and dove in to improve her songwriting skills.  

More recently Juvahn has collaborated with good friend and chart-topping producer Divy Pota to create the highly anticipated EP Bullet which will be released sometime in 2016.  The lead single “Love Me” has already started to garner some real attention.  

 Enjoy The Sexy Juvahn Victoria vide here:

It is a deep and dark track that pools together soul, R&B, and alternative sounds to make something unique.  Juvahn Victoria uses her soulful and sultry voice to draw the listener deep into her clutches.  The melody produced by Divy Pota throws sounds at you from all angles creating a full sonic experience.  This is a great beginning to what should be an impressive EP.  Keep an eye out for the release and more news at: http://www.juvahnvictoria.com/

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