Dive in “Deeper” with Kenny Fame’s Short Film

kenny frame

An impressive short film to start off this year, Kenny Fame’s “Deeper” is aptly named for its message and execution.

The magic of short film

Singles paired with short films can always be a toss-up. The metaphor about a box of chocolates is an accurate description for the result. However, when it comes to “Deeper”, written and performed by Kenny Fame, the product is something beautiful, even if you’re not a fan of the chocolate in this case, short films.


Something I’d like to point out about this film is its length. A common rule in producing a good film is never to make it longer than it needs to be. “Deeper” is a perfect example. It takes only three minutes for an intensive story to unfold and unwravel. In this short amount of time, it takes only seconds for audiences to emotionally connect with the characters. This could be due to the subject matter. A couple is so in love they seem to only exist in each other’s world. What’s heartbreaking is that eventually, love isn’t enough to keep them together. All the emotion comes through not only in the song, but in the visual aspects of the film.


Kenny Fame’s use of mesmerizing color


A mass of cool tones with sparks of heat. Collectively, these lighting aspects are stunning. The effects they add tie into the bigger story. Impeccably matching the song is a talent of the light. What’s nice about the single attached with the film is that is sounds as if it belongs in a film. While this may seem obvious, the artful creation of both create a marvelous pair. Sometimes, when this balance is off in other occasions, the entire product can be thrown off. The harmonious language of the beautiful, powerful vocals and moving transitions of the song become tremendous. After the three minutes, there’s a desire for more. And that’s how you know you’ve seen a gorgeous film.

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