Laura Ellis – Sultry Jazz Classic and Modern

Laura Ellis

There are too many uncultured music lovers out there that pass up the huge selection of great classic Jazz music of the past.  These songs were the sound of a generation that knew how to have a good time.  The style did not end there though as many think it did.  It has evolved and can be just as dark and sexy today.  Come have a listen to Laura Ellis and experience modern Jazz for yourself.

Born and raised in the great jazz town of Kansas City, Laura Ellis now calls the entertainment capital of Los Angeles, California as her home.  The Jazz bug bit her early and she had the opportunity to be a protégé of Alan Paul from the Grammy-award winning vocal ensemble, The Manhattan Transfer.  Laura has expanded her amazing vocal skills by performing all over the country in concert halls, festival stages, and cabarets.  

In these venues, Laura Ellis’ velvety voice transports the listener back to the time when one note could change the whole mood of a song. Accompanied by master pianist, John Rodby, and ensemble, Ms. Ellis brings nuanced song-styling to the sultry and sassy songs of the past, as well as a new jazz sound to melodies of more recent vintage.

Earlier this year, Laura Ellis released her full-length album Broken, Lovely to the masses.  The 12 track record ties together the past with her modern take on some songs that were never thought of as potential Jazz standards.  The opener “If You Want Me” from the Musical Once sets the ball rolling.  The emotions of Ellis’ voice fill the song drawing in the listener to become part of it.  A real soulful vibe is felt on “The Heart Won’t Lie” with a touch of 70’s groove to get your head nodding along.  Her version of “The Great Pretender” brings the mind to a relaxing place to wallow in the beauty of the song.  

Modern hits are tackled as well by Laura Ellis even though the original is quite far from the Jazz genre.  The No Doubt song “Bathwater” is given a full 1920’s makeover with Laura using her voice to take the track back to a bouncy and sultry time very different than the original.  She also takes the hugely popular “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence to her own world as well.  The ensemble takes great care in keeping true to both the original and her own sultry Jazz sound.

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