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Lightwave Empire

Out of pain come moments of strength. In strength we find a way to have pleasure in happiness.

Lightwave Empire’s new EP, Kill Me with Love, is an anthem to that journey.

But don’t get the wrong idea; the sound Lightwave Empire builds is not dark or ominous with willful lyrics. Quite the contrary, their music is bright alternative pop much like that of 2013 Coachella headliner Phoenix.

Lightwave Empire Turns Tragedy to Beauty

The first track on the album, “Pleasure and Pain” is fun with a special message behind it: The world gets more insane every day, but it’s okay — seize the pain and move forward. It’s an uplifting track that tells you it’s okay to mess up or be sad and do a fun little dance anyways, maybe with a friend. Watch the music video (which, note, contains nudity) and you’ll be ready to do a little jig in your birthday suit.

Lyrics like “You think of pelican’s flying above the LA endlessness” and “Sometimes everyone’s lost but baby I’m looking for a way back” are just some of the dreamy and forward moving lyrics Lightwave Empire weaves through Kill Me with Love.

The record was born from a personal tragedy that hit the lead singer’s wife. Bjark Niemann opened up to the Huffington Post about the tragic inspiration: “I found myself reacting to hyper-uplifting and sunny music because of our situation at the time I think. My wife’s mother ended her own life on Christmas Eve a couple of yours ago, leaving my wife in a fragile state.”

The band recorded their debut in LA in the summer of 2015 with producer Dave Sardy (LCD Soundsystem, Oasis): “Back in my studio lighter tunes really started to make sense to me instead of whatever I had been doing before. Love songs I guess, ‘the world is fucked up insane but hang in there, I got you’ kind of songs.”

Out of pain come moments of strength, out of pain comes beauty.

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