Lunar Woods Combines Grunge with Storytelling

Lunar Woods

For as long as I can remember, I have had a certain connection with references to the moon and anything revolving around the astral aspect.

With that being said, the band name Lunar Woods really stood out to me. This three man group from Russia is described as a “sound-expressed personal life experience of musicians which are robed into a caustic, sarcastic form with very honest lyrics.” I will admit, I was a little confused by the description, mostly because rather than just pinpointing a genre to describe themselves, they dive further and give some insight into their style.

Lunar Woods — A Wealth of Storytelling

Having recently put out a new single, “The Story,” this band not only releases a song, they give a bit of a background story into it as well. This is one aspect that I most definitely appreciate, as I am constantly striving to find meaning within songs. You can read a bit more about it on their blog post, but reading this description really stuck out to me and hit me in a very personal way.

As the song starts off, I’m a bit surprised to hear that it contains much more of a rock sound than I expected. The beginning of the track reminds me of something that Incubus would have put out in the ’90s (which I love, as I have an extreme love for Incubus). However, as the vocals begin shortly after, there’s a serious Nirvana grunge vibe that I’m getting from this. The vocals are a bit raspy and definitely angsty, and the steady tempo of the track overall is enough to get you nodding your head along to the drumming.

There seems to also be an aspect of storytelling through the lyrics, and they all flow very well together. Very impactful, I might add. The guitar riffs throughout the song add that classic rock feel, and this one seems to blend together many aspects of different sub-genres within rock culture. Overall, I’d have to say that I’m really feeling this one, every aspect makes for a very strong track overall.

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