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There are many different ways to make rock music.  The standard guitar, bass, drums, and vocals has been done millions of times.  An artist that is experimental enough to add additional instruments that the mainstream doesn’t hear every day, can set their music apart.  There are tons of different ways to make beautiful sounds out there.  One who has found some is Hash.

The songwriter and guitar virtuoso was born in Athens, Greece and grew up between there and Turkey.  Due to this diverse background, Hash uses ethnic instruments such as sitars and saz, darbuka, and dholki in his music (Turkish, Indian and Pakistani instruments) that most listeners have not heard much before.  Although his biggest following comes from the Middle East and South America, Hash is getting noticed in bigger circles recently.  Always wanting to share his talents with the world, he launched a YouTube channel to teach online guitar lessons.  These lessons by Hash range from metal guitar solo lessons such as Metallica’s “Sad But True”, to classic rock such as AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell”, and punk rock style such as Nirvana’s “Polly”.  For beginners, Hash also teaches the fundamentals of guitar theory such as chords and different tunings. No matter what your playing level and expertise, there is a lesson to help you play better.  These videos have been viewed over 100,000 times throughout 182 countries.  

True Connection Between Hash and His Fans

This built-in fanbase has helped Hash launch his own music career.  His music is categorized as Sitar Rock but the sound fits well within the alternative rock of today.  He manages to blend it all together with emotionally charged lyrics that connect with the listener.  

The latest track “Conflicted” speaks deeply to everyone who has lived, loved and laughed, and been through the highs and lows of a relationship. It is utterly sincere, passionate, nostalgic, and emotional.  There is a dark tone that runs through the song as Hash seems to share some truly personal thoughts and feelings.  The guitar skills are shown with both sweet rhythms and melodic solos pushing the song to epic highs.  This is a song to help anyone who listens get through their own hardships with a musical friend at their side.

You can keep up with Hash at: http://thehashrocks.com/ and find more music on iTunes and Spotify.

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