Consistency of Magazine Gap Proves Not To Be ‘Superficial’


This year has been a great year for new independent music, and it is only March! The speed and consistency that bands are releasing music at is being noticed and appreciated. Our friends from Magazine Gap are already back with a new jam for us to fawn over.

It was only last month that the London based trio gave us the single and video for ‘For The Ride’. To keep in our hearts and minds, Magazine Gap has released the followup ‘Superficial’ already. This is in essence the sister song of ‘For The Ride’ furthering the message of honesty and transparency within a relationship. In fact, the music video was recorded at the same time. 

With ‘Superficial’ more focus is placed on beauty and its role in a real relationship. Hopefully, love is more than just skin deep. The vocals of James Keen sound as heartfelt as ever as he spills the truth. His delivery grabs the listener’s attention almost demanding close attention to the lyrics. Hsi matching guitar riff is just as catchy.

Brian “Cookie” McCook on drums and Alex Ho on keyboard fill out the sound while remaining in the pocket. This creates a lush and full sound to fill the speakers. The alt-rock sound melds perfectly with the mainstream pop feel of the song to fit within both audiences’ wheelhouse. 

The momentum of Magazine Gap is building. Get on the train now before you get left behind. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram or their website

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