Magazine Gap Is Back Along ‘For The Ride’

Magazine Gap

Keeping a band together through the years is no easy task. There must be a real bond between the musicians both on a musical and personal level. Our friends from Magazine Gap seem to have this locked up as they are back with a new single and plans for a new album coming soon. It has been almost 3 years since we last covered Magazine Gap and their song “Ran For Cover”. (Damn, time is moving fast, lol). 

The London-based band is made up of James Keen (vocals & guitar), Alex Ho (keyboards) & Brian “Cookie” McCook (drums & production). Together they create a sound that hits multiple boxes, It has an alt-rock feel but is pop-friendly enough for the mainstream. Through the years (debut album Light and Shade was released in 2014), Magazine Gap has been developing their unique brand moving along with their own personal journeys.

With the start of 2020 Magazine Gap is back on thier mission with new music. The first single “For The Ride” leads the way with a fresh sound that will please long time fans as well as new ones. The staccato piano grabs attention immediately with its memorable little melody. The vocals of James lay down their strong attraction as well, drawing the listener in even more. This is fun music to listen to that will get your toes tapping along and stick in your head quite quickly.

According to the band “The song is about deepening and strengthening a relationship through transparency and honesty, with a commitment to long-term support through good times and bad.” We could all use more of that.

Keep an ear out for more music by Magazine Gap on the horizon soon.

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