Magazine Gap Returns With ‘Ran For Cover’

Ran For Cover Magazine Gap

Any good band will try to keep expanding and experimenting with their sound. Diversity equals growth and growth for a band equals finding a unique sound. Our friends from Magazine Gap have continued their growth and are back with a new song and video for “Ran For Cover” for us to check out.  

The 3-piece band from London are able to combine different aspects from a range of sounds due to the big talents of the band members. James Keen on Vocals and Guitars, Alex Ho on Piano, and Brian McCook on Drums each add their own flavor to the unique Magazine Gap sound. Every time I check the band is adding more fans and followers. YouTube is their bread and butter with 3100 subscribers and over 800K views of their videos.

Magazine Gap Doesn’t Want You To Run For Cover

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The latest addition to the mix is their new single “Ran For Cover”. After only a week and a half online it has 15,000 views. The song written by James Keen tells the story of an older musician reflecting on his life and the decisions he has made to reach this point.

It begins with a catchy melody and some horn flares that will grab your attention. The heartfelt vocals reach deep inside the listener to take them along for the ride. The drums stay in their place in the back ready to rise up when a little flash is needed. This is the sign of a band in total sync with each other. Magazine Gap is firing on all cylinders.

The video directing and editing was done by the talented Zachary Denman. The shots of the band bouncing around central London add a visual layer that aids in telling the story of the song as well. The fast pace paired with slowed down thoughtful poses puts you right there with the antagonist of the story.

Watch ‘Ran For Cover’ and keep up with Magazine Gap HERE.