Magazine Gap Returns To Tell Us ‘What’s That About?’

Magazine Gap

With the current state of tiny attention spans in the world of music, it is imperative to keep the content stream coming. Song, videos, social media, and stories must keep on coming to keep the fans engaged. Our friends from Magazine Gap have become experts at this. Now they are putting all the pieces together for the release of their second full-length album What’s That About?

Based in London, England the three-piece band is made up of James Keen (vocals & guitars), Alex Ho (piano & keyboards) and Brian McCook (drums & production). Together they create an alternative rock sound that is free to adapt and adjust with each song they bring to the table. In fact, Magazine Gap has made it a point to record only 3 songs at a time before taking a break and trying something new to keep their sound fresh and exciting. 

On Friday, June 5th, 2020 Magazine Gap will officially release the What’s That About? album. The 12 track record represents a journey of discovery, experimentation, and evolution fro the group. Some of the singles have already been released and covered by IndieBandGuru. Dive in deeper to reviews of “Superficial”, Ran For Cover”, and “For The Ride” on some of our past pages. 

The title track “What’s That About?” continues to keep it fresh with a staccato attack coupled with a peppy little melody and horn sounds building up the energy. The keyboards of Alex Ho always take a big part in a Magazine Gap track. “Dancing In Quicksand” is another example of this. There is an elegance at the base with the vocals of James Keen bringing it to a higher level. For the closer “Jericho” drummer Brian McCook really gets to show off his chops with an interesting beat keeping the listener engaged and wanting more.

There is no doubt Magazine Gap is onto something here and we look forward to hearing more soon. Look out for more HERE.

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