Mark Marshall: New Album, Same Passion

Mark Marshall

Mark Marshall is a hard-rockin’, heart stoppin’, rock n’ roll maniac. And this next album is downright unforgettable.
Born Wired is a 13-song project with a grungy, angsty tint to it. Entirely DIY, each song is smothered in authenticity. From the vocals, to the sound, to the oh-so-provocative songwriting – it couldn’t get any more “real” than this. He’s come to IndieBandGuru so we could have a listen, and has given you an exclusive chance at the album, along with some other goodies, to reward your support. Jump in with us and let’s make this happen. Check out his Indiegogo campaign page before it’s too late!


Mark Marshall: Music With Attitude

Imagine it’s the first day out of school and try to envision the one song to set you over the edge. Well, Mark Marshall made plenty of em. The album is jam-packed with neck-grooving drums and head-banging chord progressions. Each song gives you another reason to let loose and it’s hard not to take him up on his offer.
It’s the type of music to make you sneak out. The type to make you break your own rules.
The type you definitely won’t listen to just once.
Mark Marshall has been making music for decades and, on albums like this, it shows. He always stays true to a classic rock feel but, he’s definitely not afraid of change. He’s got a few ballads, a few ragers, and a host of everything in between. No matter what style he chooses though, he simply refuses to stray away from two things:

Catchy hooks and excellent lyricism

From top to bottom, Born Wired is a fantastic album and I can’t wait to see how well this goes. Over the years, he’s developed everything he needs to make a smash-hit album. He’s got the vocals, the songwriting, and most importantly, an extremely devoted fanbase.
Let’s see if we can team up to take Mark Marshall to a whole new level.

Contribute to the project and own a piece of it all HERE

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