Marchildon!’s ‘Sweet Potato Kisses’ is Much Sweeter Than we Expected


Owen Marchildon is a member of the Toronto music scene. He has taken his song and paired it with a video created by his uncle. Owen Marchildon, or Marchildon!, debuts his music video for “Sweet Potato Kisses” and we are nowhere near disappointed.


‘Sweet Potato Kisses’ Makes us Feel Warm and Comfortable


“Sweet Potato Kisses” comes from his tenth album, Please Pass the Potatoes, out May 4.


The song itself is a sweet and inviting piece, making it fit perfectly with the music video. This uplifting tune uses a combination of a low, raspy voice and soft yet upbeat melody. The attractiveness comes from how happy and pure the overall sound of it is.


Although the song is happy, it does not have an overwhelming tempo. The allegretto tempo keeps you interested but soothed at the same time. The track remains simple and focused on Marchildon’s voice and guitar. A classic country-tinged rock n’ roll song.


Marchildon! Takes us Back With his new Music Video

The music video for “Sweet Potato Kisses” fits perfectly with the song. Just like the song, it gives you a sense of serenity and joy. Of course, it does this through imagery.


Marchildon has paired his song with a video created by his uncle, John, back in the 80s. The video consists of Marchildon and his cousins on their grandfather’s farm during a family get together.


The whole family looks extremely happy and playful. Whether they’re taking pictures, playing games, or taking a jump into the pool, they all seem cheerful.


This lighthearted music video makes the song much more personal and endearing. It has a beautiful sense of nostalgia that really compliments this track.


Both the song and video make you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire with your close friends and family, enjoying life. The carefree tone gives the feel and reminds us of a blissful memories.


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