Marlon Chaplin

After the release of Wanderer By Trade in 2016, there was a lot of buzz about the music of Marlon Chaplin. He created a sound that infused indie rock with Americana, with a dash of Jack White style vocals. Each track shows off his songwriting abilities with captivating storytelling quality. “Family of Three” is the perfect example of his skills at work.


Chaplin announced that he was working on his debut album called The Circle. He was excited about his new songs and soon released the singles “Elevation” and “Drain Me”. They surprised a lot of people as they featured a new musical direction which has strong indie rock roots.


The Circle has now been released through independent record label Möbius Recordings. They were excited to get this album out to the world which they described as Chaplin’s “most ambitious, unapologetic work to date. The ten-track strong ‘The Circle’ is big, anthemic and all things rock ’n’ roll”.


Chaplin ensures he grabs the listeners attention as soon as the album begins with its title track. Its big anthemic sound is infectious which feels inspired by the British indie rock scene. Big guitars and thunderous drums, what more do you need? Do not think that this is all that is on offer throughout the release as there is an impressive range to be found.


When you dig deeper into the album, you will hear that his strong songwriting foundations remain. He has always had a way with words and uses them to create depth and big hooks. They are all delivered with the right amount of emotion but doing so with an honest tone. “Take Me There” highlights how beautiful this combination can sound. Especially with its opening lines “I don’t want to be left all alone / If you’ve got a home take me there / ‘Cause I can’t tell if I’m doing this right / If I’m drawing the fight out too long”.



Returning with a new sound can be a gamble, but Marlon Chaplin has returned with his best work to date


As the album comes to a close, it ends on a high. “Out On The Wing” is an atmospheric journey layered with so many instruments including a piano, guitars, upright bass, cello, viola, and violins. Lasting just under 7 minutes, it sweeps you away with the occasional appearance of Chaplin’s vocals to keep you company. Listen out for the beautiful use of strings as the song ends. A great way to finish this impressive release.


When an artist changes musical direction, it can be a gamble. However, it has paid off as this is Chaplin’s best work to date. It proves that if you are not afraid to learn and let your songwriting grow, then the results can be something special.

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