Megosh Give Selena Gomez’s ‘Wolves’ a Post-Hardcore Makeover


Megosh took a pop song and completely turned it punk. The chill, emotional track “Wolves” by Selena Gomez and Marshmallow now contains heavy guitar and the intense dynamic vocals of the metalcore genre. Lead singer Josh Grosscup expresses enviable soprano notes that enhance the intensity of the dissonant instruments. Megosh recently teamed up with New Noise Magazine to drop a new music video for the cover of the hit single. Along with rock and punk qualities, Megosh has also added some humor to the video. Check it out.

Megosh’s Serious Yet Humorous Cover of “Wolves”

Religion, Rebellion, & ‘Apostasy’

The Baltimore post-hardcore band released their debut album last year, titled “Apostasy“. As that title suggests, the album puts the act of rebellion into musical form. The four-piece seems to have combined parts of A Day To Remember, Of Mice And Men, Alesana, and All Time Low and added their own original talent and flair to create an intense album with lots of energy. Part of their goal in their album was create intelligent tracks that have meaning for all. Like “Wolves”, a track can mean one thing to one person, and something completely different to another. The point is that it touches all who let it.

The tracks from “Apostasy” are melodic with progressive elements of punk yet they dabble in the pop genre to create a well-rounded album. Megosh uses complex instrumentals to create an eclectic sound difficult to copy. Their creativity in not only instrumentals but also catchy lyrics make their album unavoidably memorable. The most exciting part of Megosh is the three-part harmonies they creatively perform, which is incredibly uncommon in the punk-rock world.

It’s been almost a year since the release of “Apostasty”. Does dropping a cover mean a new album is on it’s way? Their broad fanbase are desperately awaiting their next release.

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