N2BLÜ Shares Thier ‘Neon Gold’


The power that is music will always find its way to make what it wants, happen. I have often referred to it as Musical Fate. Encounters and seemingly random meetings at perfectly specific times are not a coincidence. Music has stepped in to make a collaboration happen that will provide great music for the world. This seems to have happened again with the formation of N2BLÜ.

The musical duo is made up of Jonathan Arceneaux from New Orleans, Lousiana, and Konstantin Smorodnikov, originally from Russia. After a chance meeting, the two artists realized ten minutes into a conversation that they both shared an equal passion for similar sounds and ideas in music. That night marked the beginning of what would become N2BLÜ.

Together they combine the vocal songwriting ability of Jonathan with the beat making and exotic electronic instrumentation of Konstantin to create something that is unmistakenly the N2BLÜ sound. 

The latest offering by the duo is “Neon Gold”. According to N2BLÜ the track “is inspired by our love of music and the power it had to touch us all. No matter our race, religion, gender, or sexuality, music is the universal language that we can all understand.” 

The bouncy fun beat immediately gets the listener boping along and ready for the dance floor. Sounds come from every angle to create a full sonic tapestry. Add in the honest and powerful lyrics and we have a top-notch song. The chorus will quickly work its way deep into your memory. You will be humming this one long after it is over.

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