Neaks Gets ‘Deep in the Soul’ in New Single


LA singer, rapper, and dancer Neaks is an emerging multi-platform artist. He has secured fashion accounts in LA, and as far away as Tokyo, Japan. On top of that, he is beginning to release singles and music videos for his upcoming debut album.


There isn’t much to be known of Neaks’ musical career, although he has a few remixes of artists like A$AP ROCKY and Young Thug on his YouTube account, and some songs on Soundcloud. But the music that he releases actually is very intriguing.


For example another single from his album, “Wit My Team” is an interesting take on hip-hop, because it is based in the grounds of rock. The song is based around piano and a drum kit, without an artificial drum machine or any added synths. However, Neaks raps over it and provides a catchy chorus with all of the lingo and flow of hip-hop. The lyrics are insisting that we all should follow our dreams and be the best we can be. It is rare to hear hip-hop have such an inspiring tone, and of course, is a great touch to the artist’s personality and style.

His newest single, “Deep in the Soul,” has a more traditional hip-hop feeling. The song features a drum-machine, EDM style synths, and faster paced rapping. Interestingly, he still incorporates acoustic guitar plucking in the verses and intro. The hook is rapping rather than singing, and there are more added sounds, meaning more production.


Where “Wit My Team” is more raw and emotional, “Deep in the Soul” is more fun, louder, and carries more of a punch. Neaks tells his listeners that he tends to get lost in his own dreams and he will rise to the top of the rap game.


Neaks Adds Artistic Visuals to His Style


The range that Neaks has hit with his music is impressive, but there is an even more distinct quirk with his song. “Deep in the Soul” does not have an audio version, only a music video.


Although this can be stunting to a young musician’s growth, it seems to be a stylistic choice. Every one of Neaks’ music videos are profound and look like they took a lot of thought and effort. “Deep in the Soul” features the rapper dancing and running through a vandalized, run down house. His emphasis on using both audio and video stimulants make his music have more depth than you would normally see from emerging artists.


Be sure to watch for Neaks and his upcoming album.

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