L’Homme Absurde is a Collision of all Metal Genres

l'homme absurde

Born and breed in Moscow, Russia, L’Homme Absurde begun as a one man black metal band by popular drummer A. in 2015.


In 2016 the band was joined by 3 other members; Georgiy Bykov and Isod as dueling guitarists and Yuri S. on bass. That same year they recorded their first self titled EP. Later that same year they also released Monsters.


Known as a doom metal drummer, A. has been in bands such as Mare Infinitum, Who Dies In Siberian Slush, Comatose Vigil, and the popular A Young Man’s Funeral (all from Moscow).


L’Homme Absurde has also toured as a supporting act with popular metalcore band Harakiri For The Sky in 2017.


Sophomore full length album, Sleepless, comes out today via Russian label Soundage Productions.


L’Homme Absurde Combines Different Metal and Non-Metal Genres


Opening number “Cleansing The Temple” is a track that begins with a instrument build. This eventually leads to gritty vocals and even grittier guitar work. With a solid drum beat and bass line, this song’s length does not leave anything to be desired. With a growth of weight the entire track, all 6 minutes and 30 seconds create a tornado of music.

“The Quiet Room” is a more mellow track. With toned down guitars and a slower all around tempo, the vocals are still heavy and solid. Longer notes show A.’s range and vocal ability, while the two guitarists follow two separate lines and support his runs.


“Nausea” picks right up with a mirage of instrumentals. Creating a magical metal dream world feel, you are transported to a fast paced universe. Floating in space, you are encapsulated by the vocals and steadiness that becomes to instruments.


“Carriers” is the final track on the album and gives the listener a mixture of all genres. With postcore vibes and black metal vocals, we are given a hurricane of metal and hard rock. Also creating a hype new universe type vibe, this song sends listeners on a journey of genres full of skillful guitar and even stronger vocals.


While L’Homme Absurde is a relatively new band with plenty of growth potential, they have the synchronicity and talented vocalist. L’Homme Absurde is an up and coming band in the black metal scene and should absolutely be looked out for.  

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