Nick Arehart – Accepting His Musical Fate

Nick Arehart

There is a pull for some people towards music.  It can not really be explained but some individuals are just drawn to the creative art of making music.  Many try to live their lives as society dictates but find the pull is too much and drop everything to pursue the passion.  Luckily for us, our recent find Nick Arehart succumbed to the draw and dove in fully to his music.

The singer-songwriter is based in Atlanta, Georgia and felt the pull of music for many years.  Nick Arehart put in the time and taught himself to sing and produce music.  What sometimes seemed like a hobby is now taking over his life.  In January, Nick left his studies at Emory University to pursue his dream of becoming a successful recording artist.  The sound he has created is very pop-friendly but with an edge that sets it apart from much of the prepackaged bubblegum pop that we hear on mainstream radio today.



The latest track from Nick Arehart is “Red Magic”.  It will be on his debut album LOCKS that is scheduled for release in September 2016.  Right from the start, with the atmospheric sounds and impressive vocal notes you know this is something to pay attention to.  The sultry melody pairs perfectly with the lyrical delivery creating a sexy calm to overcome the listener.   There seems to be a dark underground vibe that creeps through the track as interesting sounds weave their way in and out of the sonic space.  

Nick Arehart is An Artist To Keep An Eye On

You can keep up with Nick Arehart at: and signup for his newsletter which will provide access to exclusive early releases.  

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