Nicola Thoms Shares a Heartfelt Tribute in ‘Beautiful Mind’

Nicola Thoms

Nicola Thoms has always had a passion for music since an early age. At 16 she attended the Brit School of Performing Arts and after graduation, she continued her education by earning a degree from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in May 2015.


Growing up listening to the likes of Whitney Houston, Candi Staton, Michael Jackson, and Lauryn Hill it is clear to see how soul & R&B would influence her music. Her track “Clearer” shows how these artists have helped to shape her sound. Offering a soulful groove with an upbeat pop element, this song is a great introduction to what Thoms creates.


Thoms has recently released the song “Beautiful Mind”. This is a tribute to her Grandad, which she describes as The anchor to our family and after losing him things really started to change. He was home to us all and I truly never have and never will meet anyone quite like him. I wrote this song as a tribute to the most wonderful Grandad who I love with all my heart.”


This is a heartfelt track which Thoms puts into words how important her Grandad was to her world. From the start, you are instantly introduced to her delicate flowing vocals that are packed with a genuine emotion. This is clear to hear as she shares so many personal moments with lines that include  “Our Hearts are missing a part” and “Smile that made me warm.” Its soundtrack is a slight uptempo soulful groove with an electronic element. Even though her lyrics talk about her loss, the music feels like she is also celebrating his life.


Overall, this is an impressive song from someone who is not afraid to write with her heart on her sleeve. A personal and beautiful release that shows that Thoms has a promising future with her music.

A Beautiful Tribute from Nicola Thoms to her Grandfather

There is more to come from Thoms during 2018 as she is busy working on new material.

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