Violet Night Release Video For ‘North’ and Announce Debut Album

Violet Night

This duo doesn’t just play their instruments; Violet Night uses them as tools to carefully construct emotion in their latest track “North.”


Violet Night release picturesque video for ‘North’


Together vocalist/guitarist Connor Pohl and keyboardist T.J. Rounthwaite create soundscapes richer in color than the hues of the mountains that surround British Columbia. Filled with driving drums and cascading keys, “North” provides a massive start for Violet Night.


As the lead single from their debut album Colours Of You, “North” serves as the perfect gateway into the incredible emotions Violet Night create. Using each instrument to create an insane amount of depth, it’s hard to image only two people are making this powerful sound. With so much depth in their keyboard, basslines, drumming, and multiple guitar sounds, Pohl and Rounthwaite make a sound that’s larger than life.

A song about love, loss, hope, and happiness, the video for “North” displays this all in a follow-along type video. Featuring shots of the band recording in a studio, climbing a mountain, and jamming in a field, you get a sense of not only the band’s style but the sights surrounding the band’s hometown in Canada.


Following their journey, you find that the sky is the limit. The struggles of recording an album, falling in love, to finding a feeling of purpose in a small town, “North” is an anthem for almost any emotion.


The duo released the video for “North” in an announcement for their debut album Colours of You. After a mainstage appearance at Grizfest and a co-headlining run with The Statistics through British Columbia, the band proved their charisma belongs both on stage and in the studio.


Violet Night’s debut album, Colours of You is out May 4 of this year. Until then, you can follow their Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more news.