Nihil Eyes New Album Sets Standard for Modern Deathcore

nihil eyes

From the dark depths of the streets of the United Kingdom comes gritty deathcore group Nihil Eyes. With epic guitar riffs, guttural vocals and down right nasty drum beats, Nihil Eyes is unmatchable in the in the local and national grindcore scene.


Made up of Szymon Ogiełło on the drums, Max Morgan with the bass, and frontman Casey Jones on guitar and vocals, this unstoppable trio trails bands like Metallica and Carcass in instrumental ability and vocal range.


Founded in 2016 by Ogiełło and Morgan, Nihil Eyes is a relatively new force on the scene. Eight track freshman album Black Path is due everywhere May 18. With topics such as the politically corrupt, death, mental instability and much more, this album explores the darkest corners of human capability.


Nihil Eyes explores the human psyche in the darkest way musically possible


Opening track “Nihil Eyes” introduces what the band is capable of vocally and instrumentally. Diving right into a heavy drum and guitar duel, this track takes the listener by storm and wrecks everything in its path. Unforgiving guitar riffs, gritty vocals and an intense drumline make for a musically unbreakable opening number.


Next track “Burn the Leech” begins with a guitar line that is unmatchable. Paired with a basic drum beat, this line stands out against the backdrop and draws the listener into a mirage. What appeared to be a feature guitar intensive track becomes vocally demanding, guitar heavy and drum level impossible.


Longest track “As the Water Falls” begins with a sneaky bass solo that makes you turn your speakers up to catch it. As it draws you further into the darkness you are met with a drum beat and repeating guitar line. Further exploration finds you among haunting vocals and an undeniably metal collision of instruments. Both the slowest and the longest track, you are taken on a music journey through the depths of the human psyche.


“True Nihilist” picks the pace back up with classic drum challenges and eternally epic guitar riffs. This track’s “chant like” vocals hype up the listener and make an environment fit for a circle pit in the middle of a wound up crowd. Another nod to the band name, this track shows musicality at a new level and explores the collaboration of vocals, bass, guitar and drums.


Closing track “Manifesto” starts off with a classic metal introduction. It sucks the listener in with minimal drum, a simple guitar line and a hard vocal and instrumental break. A classic deathcore anthem, this track closes out an exploration album. With heavy topics addressed throughout the album, this track pulls the listener back into their own dark thoughts and makes a lasting impression with musicianship and lyrics.


“Nihil” means “nothing” in Latin but Nihil Eyes certainly has more than nothing to offer the death metal scene. They are a catastrophe and an instant classic deathcore group in the best and worst way.

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