The Nixon Tapes Give Feeling to Color with ‘Indigo’

Nixon Tapes

Jacksonville locals The Nixon Tapes are breaking down the scene with their Indigo EP. Any fan of grunge or just feel-good unapologetic indie rock would find themselves a new favorite. From the first track, an impression of grit and vigor are clear.

How to: Rock with Emotion, by The Nixon Tapes

“Psych” is an introduction telling of exactly what The Nixon Tapes can do. Its passionate in its delivery without giving away every caliber of their talent too early. With a dramatic ending that left me hooked, I can’t imagine a better opening track.

Pleasant in its instrumentals and ’90s in its execution, the DIY EP has psychedelic undertones that gives me a Whirr or Sprung Monkey vibe. The style of Indigo drifts between emo and hard rock, settling somewhere along the fine line of incredible sense. The acoustic number “Slugs,” is 100% different from “Dear Love,” impressive in its own right.

“Dear Love” is the intense in-your-face single the EP needs. Being definitive as a young band is a necessity, however every song shows The Nixon Tapes don’t intend on slowing down anytime soon. The way each tune is put forward gives the band the perfect platform to put their money where their tracklist is.

Colors and Their Psychological Effect

A search of what colors do to the psyche, the EP also intends to leave the record up for interpretation. An ongoing explorative measure that isn’t meant to do much more than reflect on the weight of days and what they bring. Aside from the psychological intention of Indigo, this short collection of four songs depicts strong emotion.

Vocals for the EP keep in tune with the purpose and instrumentals. They compliment the two perfectly and show talent in maintaining individuality through numbers where vocals could easily be drowned out. Nothing about this release is typical, and the conceptual EP is set for release January 19th.

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