Pablo Embon Still Developing His Unique Jazz Sound

Pablo Embon

There is no quick and easy shortcuts to becoming a talented musician.  The hard work and hours of learning must be put in to truly master your instrument and the full songwriting process.  In addition to just learning you have to get out there and do it.  Be prolific in your songwriting efforts and you will get better and better.  Our recent find Pablo Embon has been pouring his heart and soul into music for a long while and is a prime example of this hard work paying off.  

The supremely talented musician originally hails from Argentina, born in the City of Parana in 1964.  Pablo Embon was drawn to music at a very young age with piano and guitar becoming his two core instruments.  Song composition came naturally for him and developed an intuition on where a song should go to make it interesting.  

Always one to seek more knowledge in his passion, Pablo Embon pursued advanced music education in the composition and harmonization fields.  He also learned about tango and Andean folk music and even had the privilege of learning from famed classical guitarist Eduardo Isaac.  His years of experience led him to create unique modern alternative Jazz compositions.  To explore even more opportunities, Pablo Embon immigrated to Israel for more influence from Hebrew and Middle Eastern music.

The music seems to never stop pouring out and Pablo released 15 albums from 2004 to 2016.  On December 19th, he will release his latest record Funky Side Of The Road.  The 12 track collection is an experience in Jazz Fusion.  The opening song “Is That You?” start us off with a real energy that will draw in the listener to the happy world of Pablo Embon.  On “2222” he shows us how he can combine all of his experience with different styles into one cohesive track that is silky smooth yet has elements from all these sub-genres.  We take a modern turn on “Wedding Day” with piano fusing with guitar and even some electric instruments to show a truly unique side to Embon’s music.  The talent shines through here as each instrument is played perfectly.  This is probably my favorite on the record.

Pablo Embon can slow it down too as on “Our Last Dance”.  This elegant number draws me back to an earlier time of class and opulence.  Funk rises to show its face on “Naughty Lucy”.  The groove hear will get any toes tapping and head bopping along.  The exotic organ fills are jaw-dropping.  There is a dark and spacy turn on “Midnight Blues”.  The atmospheric sounds behind the guitar fill the sonic space creating something that fills every synapse of your brain with sound.  The album closes with the folk influenced “Fool’s Game” that ties all the beauty and skill of Pablo Embon together into one package of elegance.  

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