Parjam Parsi Re-Releases ‘A Desperate Light’

A Desperate Light

Music will always be a cyclical organism. Styles and genres of the past will always resurface in an interesting way combined with fresh new styles to make it new again. Sounds will live forever. Our friend Parjam Parsi has shown this perfectly with his unique soundscapes. Now he has brought back to life an album recorded almost a decade ago for new life to fresh new listeners.

For the classical artist, music and art have been at the forefront of his life since the beginning. Much time and effort were devoted to teaching himself how to play multiple instruments and develop a unique sound. This has continued to evolve through the years as Parjam Parsi turned his thirst for musical knowledge to composing and audio engineering as well.

In this rather chaotic year, Parjam Parsi has brought back to life an album that was originally recorded and distributed in physical format back in 2012. A Desperate Light was a collaboration with the Garparian brothers, Jonathan and Nathan. They were recovering from a dark time after their father had passed and this musical exploit helped to provide the solace needed. It was in effect an honor to a man that was a mentor and a force to push the young men to follow their musical dreams.

Lead Track off ‘A Desperate Light’

The 11-track record A Deserate Light was recently added to digital formats for the new generation to experience. As the album opens with the title track “A Desperate Light” we can feel the sadness of the musicians coping with a difficult time. As the melodies creep forward there is a hope that also creeps in. 

The classical chamber music piano sound of “Crimson Forest” takes us even deeper into the world of amazing sounds that have been around for centuries but never get old. There is rather peppy tone here that allows the beauty to truly sink in. 

The emotions of despair are felt on songs such as “Darkness, Darkness, Darkness” and “In The Bleak” as the tempo slows down. In opposition the sound of hope and survival can be heard on “Obscure Presence” and “The Scent Of Clay.” A full journey is taken on A Desperate Light. It seems to all get tie together in the finale “You’re All Alone” with music filling the speakers as well as your emotions. 

We had the chance to chat with Parjam Parsi to get a little deeper into the mind of the artist. Enjoy the interview here:

How would you describe the Parjam Parsi sound?

A: some sort of human with impossible realities

What drives you to create music?

A: Anxiety and Misery

Tell us about your songwriting process. How does a song come together for you?

A: I do every project with a back line story, sometimes I write that story with my own words, sometimes a tragic event or just a poem or book to do something. I never force myself to do something. For me time is the process. 

Your new album A Desperate Light seems to have real meaning behind it. What can you share with us?

A: death took so many of our loved ones from us

What do you hope the listener will take away from this album?

A: “the tranquillity” I never got a chance to experience in my life

Give us a look at the future of Parjam Parsi?

A: if I want to be completely honest, there is no such thing called “Future” for people like us.

You can find more music on all platforms by Parjam Parsi HERE.

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