Piper Landon Provides Her ‘Car Solutions’

Piper Landon

In the current entertainment scene, an artist is able to combine thier music with social media to become not just a musician but an overall influencer as well. You must be willing to have much of your life on display and turn that into a brand that people can connect with. Our recent find Piper Landon has done just that with her huge social media following, especially Instagram.

The multi-talented artist grew up in a small town in Kansas but always found inspiration to create. Having a mom that was an inspirational top-ten recording artist helped Piper Landon have a role model to look up to. Always drawn to music, she took on roles as a singer, songwriter, performer, blogger and Instagram influencer. The passion led Piper to her first record deal at only 15 years old. She has since been featured on numerous TV shows, movies, podcasts, and blogs as well as performing extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Africa.

The latest release by Piper Landon is the introspective “Car Solutions”. She brought in Ph.D-Lovely and Menebeats to cowrite the electro-pop track. There is a feeling of real friendship throughout the track. According to Piper, “To me this song is about having a confidante, really just someone you’re comfortable talking about the things that aren’t easy to talk about with, and doing that while driving down the highway.” 

New Video For ‘Car Solutions’ by Piper Landon

There is an elegant flow to the beat that stays smooth creating a fun bouncy feeling without the heavy bass attack of much of the genre. The vocals of Piper Landon keep the emotion going a heartfelt tone that keeps the listener paying close attention to the vocals. The intoxicating sounds will demand multiple listens.

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