Plague Vendor Returns with “No Bounty” and No Regrets

Plague Vendor

By Ibn-Umar Abbasparker of Indie Band Guru

Spawned from the depths of Whittier, California, post-punk outfit Plague Vendor has reemerged on the music scene with their new song “No Bounty.”

The song is the first single off of their new album Bloodsweat, out now. In it, the group rekindles a spark of homegrown grittiness from punk’s heyday in the ‘70s. Added to the mix are robust guitar riffs, steady, pulsing rhythms, and some blues-style undertones. Most importantly, “No Bounty” showcases Plague Vendor’s confident attitude, one that says, “Like us or not, we don’t care.”

Plague Vendor formed in 2009 by singer Brandon Blaine, drummer Luke Perine, bassist Michael Pere,z and guitarist Jay Rogers. Over the next few years, the group relentlessly toured and performed throughout the Southern California area. They played in a wide variety of locations ranging from backyard parties, clubs and music festivals.

Then, in 2014, Plague Vendor released their debut album, Free to Eat. Now, the group is ready to display their expanded sound to all potential listeners with Bloodsweat.

Plague Vendor — No Fooling Around

“No Bounty” is not a gentle song.

It opens with a loud, brash announcement of blended, noisy sound. Then, after a brief moment, the noise settles into a more definitive sound. Perine delivers booming drumbeats and clamorous cymbal crashes. Meanwhile, Perez emits smooth, fluid, and paced bass riffs.

These two features merge together into a steady, striding rhythm that forms the prominent backbone of this song. Dancing along this rhythmic backbone are jagged, slashing guitar riffs courtesy of Rogers. They add a certain liveliness to the track that nicely contrasts with Perez’s bass sounds.

The strongest attribute, however, is Blaine’s howling, caterwauling vocals. They possess a bluesy, shadowy deepness that gives the song a mysterious, brooding mood. He also tosses in a few, well-placed, primal grunts to spice things up. The song comes to a finish with a languid, echoing fade-out.

In short, “No Bounty” is a stellar example of pure, gritty punk at its finest. Rest assured, Plague Vendor is poised to offer listeners much more this year.

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