Bathe In The Fire – International Collaboration Creates Original Sound

Bathe In The Fire

Collaboration will always be an important part of any artist growing as a musician and learning along the way.  Hearing different takes on a sound can open up your mind to things you would have never come up with on yourself.  With the spread of the internet it has become easier and easier to find like minds to work with.  A great example is our recent find Bathe In The Fire.

The project is an international collaborative effort featuring artists from around the world including the United States, Amsterdam, Australia and Canada.  The songwriters and performers change with each song with the only constant being the vocals of Scott.  This diversity allows the music to keep from growing stale and constantly exploring through sounds within the rock genre.

Each artist lends their own particular style to something that becomes a truly original sound with a wider variety of influences than any local band could ever have.  Bathe In The Fire therefore remains ever changing and in essence faceless.  There are no live shows or any personal celebrity sought by any of the musicians.  

Bathe In The Fire Lets The Music Stand On Its Own

The debut release from Bathe In The Fire has been out there for a while but it is still fresh sounding.  The 3 song Antihero EP lays it all out on the table for new listeners to experience.  The opener “Ashes” sets a dark tone with a full soundscape that hovers throughout the track.  Much of the song was written on an antique Mandocello which stays in the lower register to add to the eerie feel.  Even with the title “Down” the vibe picks up a little in the music.  The lyrics speak of a sad time in the songwriter’s life but there is a light at the end of the tunnel that is calling to the protagonist.  The emotion of the vocals stands out here and lets you into his world.  The title track “Antihero” has an anthemic tone as the slowly strummed guitar pairs well with the vocal delivery to create more emotions to the song.  

Rumor is that there is more to come in the form of a full album called The Sky In Front Of Me scheduled for release in July of 2016.  Keep an eye out for new music at:

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